Spyic Reviews

For those who want to find the best monitoring app, we put together a complex review of Spyic software. This tracking app is ideal for keeping an eye on your child’s online activity as they are using their phone.

You will discover that Spyic is extremely easy to use and highly efficient so you can trust it regardless of who you need to track. It will work great for monitoring your partner or employees as well. You will be able to install it in just a couple of minutes, even if you are not a very experienced person in terms of technology. Before you decide whether you should invest in Spyic, let’s see what are the most important aspects of this software!

Spyic Benefits:

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can count on!

It comes with incredibly useful features

One of the first things you will notice about Spyic is that it comes with all the features you might be interested in. It is extremely useful and easy to explore in order to keep your kid safe at all times.

To begin with, this app will help you track basic information such as messages and call logs that are incoming or ongoing on the target device.

You will have access to the contacts that get in touch with the user of the phone and you will be aware of the time and date of each conversation. This feature will help you understand if your kid has any inappropriate conversations.

Another feature that you will love is tracking the social media activity.

You will have access to all the social media networks your kid is using on their phone such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp or Twitter. Spyic records the conversations as well as the media files sent or received on the target device.

You will also like the fact that Spyic allows you to track the location of the device.

If your kid misplaces the phone you will find it easier by simply checking your control panel. On the other hand, if they are lying to you regarding their location, you will be notified as well.

Among other features, Spyic is also great for showing you the browser history of the phone as well as the websites that the user spent most time on. You can decide if there are any websites that they shouldn’t visit and act accordingly. This feature will also give you an insight about their personal interests.

It is easy to install

Installing Spyic is not complicated either. Even if you are not a very experienced person in terms of using technology, you will find all the guidance you need through the process. The installation will be different according to what kind of target device you need to track.

For iOS phones, all you need is to access the iCloud account without having to actually get a hold of the phone.

You will be able to install Spyic in seconds and use the account you create to check the dashboard and see the data you are interested in.

However, if you want to install Spyic on an Android device, you will need to get a hold of it in order to do that.

You will need to get the target phone only once. After you download and install the app all you have to do is run it from your control panel. You can set the Spyic app on stealth mode as well. This way, you will not have to worry about your kid discovering it on their device.

It comes at budget-friendly price

You will be pleased to discover that Spyic also comes at a great price. You can choose to pay $39.99 for a basic plan or $69.99 for a family plan. The basic plan will cover one target device being it Android or iOS while the family plan covers up to three different devices.

You do not need to jailbreak or obtain root access to the target phone in order to use any of the Spyic plans. They will offer you all the options you need without you having to modify the factory settings. But you will need to be able to get into the iCloud in order to use this tracking app on an iOS device, being it a phone or tablet.

Downloading it is free but once you decide to install it, you will have to choose from one plan or another.

Is Spyic legit?

Spyic is legit and you can use Spyic without being concerned of any legislation limitations on any device that you purchased. It is also safe to use as all the data it gathers will not go to any other third party. It will just be accessible to you in your personal control panel. It works great for tracking children that are under age or for tracking employees’ devices that you own. If you want to track your partner you need inform them. The app works in the background of the device in stealth mode.

Final thoughts

Spyic is one of the best tracking apps that can be used as a parental control software any time you need to keep an eye on your kid. It offers you all the tools you need to be aware of any potential hazard before your kid is exposed to it. And the fact that you can use it for your employees or partner makes this monitoring software even more impressive. With Spyic, you can easily regain trust in the important people in your life and you can also increase productivity at your workplace!

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