Safety Tips For Women Living Alone

In this post, we’d like to share a story that we think may help you secure your apartment.

The last apartment that I was living in got broken into. I had about twelve thousand dollars worth of stuff stolen. When something like this happens to you it’s tough. I get that it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it just makes you feel very violated. Just thinking about the fact that somebody was in your apartment… It’s kind of a weird feeling and also just a very scary one. If I was home something could have happened. They could have hurt me or my dog if they wanted to. And the fact that someone even had that opportunity is pretty scary. And I want to help prevent something like this from happening to you.

I moved out of that old apartment because I could not stay there. I just didn’t feel safe anymore. I realized how unsafe that apartment was and I just needed to get out.

I thought it was perfect when I first moved in. And that is because I didn’t think about it in a safety aspect. And now that I think about the safety of that apartment and how everything was configured I realize it was just so unsafe and I wish somebody had given me tips on apartment safety before I even moved in.

I want you guys to learn from my experience. If any of the things that I tell you in this post prevent something from happening to at least one of you guys, I feel like I’ve done my job.

So let’s just get right into it.

Get an Upstairs apartment

Let’s think about it from the thief’s perspective.

So when you’re a thief are you more likely to rob an apartment that’s downstairs, right? I would rob a downstairs apartment because it’s easier to get things out of the apartment. You won’t have to carry things down the stairs, you won’t have to be running back upstairs to go get more stuff. And if I’m going to find an entry point to the apartment when you’re in a downstairs unit you can easily just hop over the back fence to get to the back door. And in an upstairs apartment there’s not really a backyard. The only thing you have is a balcony if you have one. And those are definitely much harder to get into as opposed to one that’s downstairs. It’s just in my opinion a lot harder to get into an upstairs unit apartment and it’s a lot
harder to transport things out of the apartment.

Try not to get an apartment with windows right next to doors

The way that they get in is they’ll break a little hole into a window. If there’s a door right next to it they’re just gonna reach their hand and unlock the door and now they have the entire doorway to just get stuff out of the apartment. And it just makes it so easy as opposed to having a window somewhere else. They’ll either have to break down the entire door to get in and to transport stuff out or they’re gonna have to break open the entire window so they can get stuff in and out of that window. So that is why I don’t think it’s safe to have windows next to doors, unfortunately. In my last apartment, we had two windows next to the doors. The first window with right next to the front door. The second window next to a door was in the backyard which was a window right next to a sliding glass door and that is how they got into the apartment.

Put A Dowel In Your Window Tracks And In Your Sliding Glass Doors

So the third tip is to put wooden dowels in your window tracks and also in your sliding glass door tracks.

You can read more about securing glass doors here.

If I had done this in my last apartment I’m pretty sure they would not have been able to get into my apartment it would have prevented it because what they did was that they opened the window in the kitchen. Apparently, that thing didn’t latch. If I had a wooden dowel inside of that window even though it didn’t latch they would not be able to slide it open because the wooden dowel is stopping it. That was the first thing that I could have prevented.

If they broke open the window to stick their hand inside of the glass sliding door even if they unlatch that sliding
door and tried to push it open they wouldn’t have been able to because I would have had a wooden dowel there. Wooden dowels are so cheap. This would have prevented me from losing twelve thousand dollars worth of stuff. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help in situations where you have a door that latches next to a window. Because it could just break the window open and reach your hand and just straight up open the door. The only thing that you can do there is if you get a door latch that needs a key on both sides. So let’s say that they broke open the window and stuck their hand in to unlock the door they wouldn’t be able to unlatch it because they don’t have the key from the inside. So the more things you have in your house to prevent intruders from entering, the better.

And one more thing that I’ve learned is that when you are in an apartment complex renters insurance is not super expensive. I personally think now that this has happened to me it was totally worth the money. We paid $125 for 12 months of renter’s insurance. So it added it out to about $10 a month and our plan covered up to $15,000 of stuff. It is so worth it!

So there you have it.

We really hope that it helps some of you, guys. If you have any safety suggestions for either an apartment or a house please leave them down in the comments. I’m sure that everybody reading this post could learn a little bit more about apartment safety and home safety because that stuff’s important.

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