How To Secure A Sliding Glass Door

So let’s talk about securing your sliding glass door.

I know a lot of people have these in their houses and if you’re reading this post you probably do too.

Most sliding glass doors have a small lock on the side that is completely worthless. They may stop somebody for a couple of seconds.They usually come with a small lock that is basically worthless.

Use a dowel

So the first thing you want to do to keep burglars and home invaders out of your house is just put a dowel in one of the sections of your sliding doors. It costs a few bucks at your local hardware store and there’s no way that door is opening with that thing in there. So you’re already secured it big time just by doing that.

Use a dowel to secure your sliding glass door


A dowel is something that’s very quick, very cheap, very easy and something you can do right now for a couple of bucks in a few minutes of your time to secure your sliding door much much more than it already is. Never rely on the locks your sliding door came with or almost any other lock.

I would highly recommend putting a dowel! They have actual things you can buy to put there in your track, but they’re going to cost you a lot more and they aren’t going to be any more effective than that is. And if you want it to blend in you could always paint it with a different color. But you can barely tell they’re even there when you’re just going about your daily business so definitely do that.

Another thing that you probably do not know or do not realize is that you can lift these doors right off the track quite easily.

This is not something that I knew not all that long ago, but I watched a neighbor of mine actually break into their own house because they lost their key or lock themselves out.

All they did was go around back and lift their door off. I couldn’t believe it! And then I was talking to a friend of mine who does home remodeling and construction. And he said the same thing. That if he ever wanted to break into a house then he would just lift off the sliding glass door straight out of the frame and walk right in. Apparently, it’s a lot easier than you think it is. And to prevent that all you have to do is put a few screws up in the frame to stop it from being lifted.

put a few screws up in the frame

So screw them high enough and far enough to where the door will still slide. And it will just slide underneath them, so you cannot lift it up.

glass doors screws

So those two things – putting screws and putting a dowel down will make it virtually impossible to get in your sliding glass door.

Of course, if somebody is determined to get in, they could break the glass, but 99.9% of the time that’s just not going to happen. Burglars and home invaders are usually looking for the path of least resistance. So when they try to open it, it won’t, because you have a dowel. Then they think “oh I’ll lift it off then”, which they won’t do because you have screws up there. And they’re probably just gonna give up.

And all of this is gonna cost you a few cents. Screws are probably a few cents and a dowel is a few bucks. And it takes 10 minutes of your time to put them in your door.

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