How To Lock A Door Without A Lock

If your door doesn’t come with a lock, and you don’t want to install one either, chances are that you will have to get creative in order to find the best ways to secure it. Your safety should always come first, and depending on which door you want to lock, you might have to protect your privacy too.

In order to help you identify the best ways to lock a door without a lock, we put together a guide to help you out. The reasons you might want to lock your door could be to keep intruders out if you refer to the front door or to keep other people in the house outside your personal room. You might also face a situation in which your main lock is broken and you need to improvise so you can feel safe.

Either way, the following methods will help you significantly. Keep in mind that the following ways to lock a door that doesn’t have a lock are mainly temporarily. If you are using one of them on your front door, you will still need to invest in an efficient lock as soon as possible.

Ways to lock a door without a lock

You might need to invest in different products and tools to materialize the following methods. But bottom line is that you can apply them even if you don’t have any experience in the matter.

Create a barricade system

A barricade should be the first option that comes to mind if you need to secure a door. These systems work great on both doors with locks or doors without locks. A well installed barricade will withstand even strong forces that push against it and your door will remain closed. You can also use this system for both indoor as well as outdoor doors or gates.

The way your door opens is crucial. In order for the barricade to work, your door should always open inwards, otherwise the barricade will become useless. You will add the barricade opposite to the direction your door is opening. So, if your door opens inwards, you will barricade it outwards.

If your door opens outwards you will have to use other ways to lock it because the barricade will not work. In this case, any intruder will be able to get rid of the barricade from outside of your door.

There are also two types of barricades you can use: the already made barricades or the improvised ones. The already made barricades are basically bars that are made of a resistant material. Some barricades are made of steel or aluminum  and they are able to withstand kicking, ramming and other attempts to break inside your house or your room.

If you don’t have a standard, already made barricade, you can always improvise. You will need objects that will fit the size and weight of your door so they protect it properly. If you can’t find a bar you can use a heavy piece of furniture such as your desk or a sturdy chair, as well as bed frames. Keep in mind that your barricade should be slightly bigger than the size of your door. You might need to get creative when it comes to improvising a barricade system. For instance, if you use a chair, place it in such a way that will block the door handle. Then you will need to make sure your chair will stay in place which means securing its legs.

Improvising a barricade is free as you will only use the items you already have handy. However, its security might be questionable, according to the resistance it offers to various forces. Investing in a standard barricade will cost you some money but it will most likely work in all cases. This option is great for those wanting to know how to lock a bedroom door from the outside without a key.

Try a door wedge

You might think that door wedges can only be used if you want to keep a door open. But the truth is that you can also use them to keep the same door closed. Instead of looking on diy locks you can simply use a door wedge to keep the door closed. The secret stays in how you position the wedge. What you will do is basically a makeshift lock out.

To secure a door with a wedge you will have to close the door completely first. Place the wedge on the door side that opens. This is the side that is opposite to the hinges. Make sure the door wedge is tapped in place and it is not going to move. Once the door wedge is set in the right position, test it to see of it works as a door lock or not.

If you happen to find a door wedge inside your home, this will be easy to do and with no investment at all. And no one will notice it because door wedges tend to be much more discreet compared to other locks. So, this is a great and easy way to do it yourself door lock for free. If you are looking for a diy door lock, using a door wedge might be your answer. This method is one of the most efficient and handy when it comes to ways to lock a door without a lock.

Get rid of the door handle on the outside of your door

One of the easiest ways to stop someone from opening a door is to remove the handle. Make sure to get rid of the handle that is placed on the outside of your door so no intruders can get inside your space. If you do that, you will still be able to open the door from the inside. A risk of this method is locking yourself outside once you get out of your room. If someone wants to open a door that doesn’t have a handle, their only option will be to break it open. You can use this method as a temporarily solution until you find a permanent lock.

You can remove the outside handle for doors that open both outwards and inwards. All you need is a basic screwdriver and some patience. It will not be the best option if you need to enter your house in a hurry as you will have to reinstall the handle in order to do that.  Use this method if you are wondering how to lock a door from the outside and you will be surprised at how efficient it is.

Get a portable lock

Investing in a portable lock is a more safe and permanent solution. Plus, you will find plenty of products that you can use on the market. Your door will have to support the possibility to use a portable lock on it or you will not be able to do that. Plus, using a portable lock can keep the quality of your door, frame or walls intact when other methods such as a barricade could cause some damage.

Depending on the portable lock you will choose, your product will also come with all the instructions you need to install it step by step. But keep in mind to check the compatibility between the door you want to lock and the portable lock you want to use. If you never invested in a portable lock, we gathered some of the best options for you!

The door bull

The door bull is going to be a great option if you are wondering how to lock a door that doesn’t have a lock. This lock follows the concept of a barricade but takes it to the next level. It will secure your door in the floor and to the frame and it will not let it move at all. So, even if the concept is similar to the barricade one, the door bull lock is definitely more secure.

When a potential intruder forces the door, this lock will make sure both the frame and the floor withstand the force that it is applied. With such a resistance, the intruder will be kept out.

You will not need to be an expert in order to set up this portable lock either. The product comes with clear instructions that you can easily follow. You will have to use this lock though, on doors that open inwards and not those that open outwards.


Addalock is also a great portable lock to rely on. As a matter of fact this is one of the most appreciated portable locks you will come across and there is no wonder why. A great thing about this lock is that it can lock door even for people who have a key. This portable lock will block the door handle so no one else can enter the room.

This lock freezes the handle in place so no one will be able to move it in order to access the room. You can install it in just a matter of seconds and you will not have to worry about your safety ever again. The good news don’t stop here. You will not need to use any extra tools to set this portable lock up either. Addalock comes with clear instructions and anyone can follow them to secure a door without a lock.

If you are travelling this could be a great option to secure your Airbnb. Or maybe you are renting a place and the landlord doesn’t allow you to reinforce the door lock. Either way, Addalock can save you from a variety of situations.

Travelers security lock

The travelers security lock is created especially for travelers but ultimately it can work for everyone looking on how to lock a door that doesn’t have a lock. This option is even more secure than the previous ones and it might become your favorite portable lock.

The way this portable lock works is almost identical with the Addalock but it can withstand greater force. There are certain requirements to set up such a lock, however. For instance, you can use it on an inward opening door that has a gap netween 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch from the actual door to the frame. If these two aspects are met, you shouldn’t worry about installing a travelers security lock as you can simply apply the instructions.

A great advantage of these locks is that they are as easy to remove as they are to install, which makes them ideal in case of emergencies. You might pay a bit more for such a product but it is also more efficient.

Adoric sliding cabinet lock

The last but definitely not the least portable lock to use if you want to know how to lock a door from the outside is this Adoris product. If you have children, this lock is ideal to keep them out of rooms they are not supposed to be in.

You can use these locks to secure doors of cabinets as well as drawers or storage rooms and your children will not be able to open them. You can purchase these locks in packs of 4 products or 8 products so choose the one you need according to how many doors you need to lock.

The installation of these portable locks is the easiest of all the products we introduced to you in this guide. You will not need any extra tools and you should be able to set up the locks in just a few seconds once you read the instructions.

Final verdict

Having problems with your door lock can happen at any given time. And as we know, replacing a broken lock can take days between ordering it and having it installed. However, you can now use one of the methods in this guide to secure your door even if you don’t have a functioning lock for it.

The barricades might be some of the most accessible methods to secure a door without a lock but they can be frustrating in an emergency situation. This is why we definitely recommend investing in a portable lock until you find a more permanent solution. Regardless of which portable lock you choose from the list above, you will not regret it as they are secure and easy to install as well. Now that you know how to lock a door without a lock you will not have to worry about your safety ever again.

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