How To Secure A French Door?

If you have a patio door that has a sliding mechanism or an exterior French door, you might want to look into securing it. These doors are the most vulnerable types on the market for obvious reasons. Especially the French doors that are basically two doors coming together so they can be opened easily from the outside.

We gathered the best ways to secure your French doors and never worry about your safety again. So, if you need to secure French doors, keep on reading as you will definitely find the best method for you.

Before we discuss ways of securing French doors, we have to understand how secure these doors are to begin with.So..

Are French doors secure?

The truth is that French doors are very practical but they are not the most secure doors on the market. Most French doors come with a deadbolt and a lever. A system like this is not enough to offer you the safety you need in your home.

Best products you can use to secure your French door

The following products will help you secure locks for French doors without any hassle. You can use them even if you are not an expert in the matter.

Armor Concepts double door kit

Armor Concepts is one of the best companies on the market for many reasons. It can help you secure your French door easy and with no struggle.  This company has reinforcements for both single and double doors. But this particular kit is ideal for security for French doors as well as any double door you might need to reinforce.

In this kit you will find everything you need to secure your French doors except the surface bolt or the flush. Inside the package you will also find reinforcement for the hinges, the lock, and a strike as well as Nightlock. Even if the Nightlock is produced by a different brand, you will still find it in this complex kit. And if you think you need to invest in screws there is no need to worry because this kit also includes all the screws you need. Installing it yourself will be easy.

You don’t need to have a lot of experience to secure your French door with this kit. You will find all the instructions you need and all the schemes to help you in this process.

The single sided deadbolt

If you are looking for a simple yet very efficient lock for your French door, the single sided deadbolt is the answer to your needs.  Due to the fact that French doors don’t have a stable frame, they tend to be vulnerable in the middle. You can reinforce them by installing a single sided deadbolt system and a deadbolt that keeps the doors securely locked together.

If you just install a one sided deadbolt you will have the thumbturn on the inside but nothing on the outside of the door. For those who want to install this system, there is a bit of preparation to be made on the French door. The best and most secure way to get your door the cutout it needs and get this lock is to hire a professional to do it. But if you have some skills in the matter you might be able to do the work yourself as well.

Prepare both the bottom and top of your doors for the bolt system as well as the frame header. Once your door is ready, installing this system will become easy.


You will get the Nightlock if you order the Armor Concepts reinforcement kit but it will arrive in a different package. This product is in two different parts such as a base part that will be screwed in the floor and a slide part that is attached to the base.

You can use this on a double or single door equally and it will definitely increase your safety. However, if you are planning to install this on the front door, it is recommended to wait until everyone in your family is home.

You will find all the instructions you need in the package and you can order it separate from the Armor Concepts kit if you want.

Flush bolt

The market offers a wide range of flush bolts as well so you can choose exactly what will work best with your French door. You can choose a manual flush bolt like the one in this product but you can also choose an automatic one. For this particular model, you will have to flip the lever in order to unlock or lock it.

Keep in mind that this reinforcement system requires two flush bolts. One will be installed at the bottom of the door and the other one at the top. Make sure you also check the specification of the door or the type of resistance it has before you choose a compatible flush bolt system. Also, if your door is not notched you might need to talk to a professional so you can get it ready for the flush bolt. Doing your research can be a life saver when you want to install the flush bolt. With the right information you can’t go wrong.

Protect the glass

A big part of your French door will most likely be made of glass. No matter how secure your French door locks are, chances are that you will have to consider the security of the glass as well. You have the option to completely replace the initial glass with a stronger type or to reinforce it. Naturally, reinforcing the glass will be a more convenient option.

Adding window film is one of your best options but this doesn’t mean your French door’s glass will not break. It only means that even if it does break, it will remain in place, making it difficult and even impossible for anyone to get in through it. Typically, the rolls of window film come in widths of 30’’ but you can find them in different sizes and even modify their size as well.

You can avoid this investment though, if you purchase French doors with a resistant glass from the start. The high security French doors tend to come with glass that will resist a stronger impact and still remain intact.

Cremone bolt

Maybe you don’t look forward to cutting and notching into the French door in order to install a secure system or another. If that is the case, you will enjoy using a cremone bolt as it can be a life saver.

Cremone bolts are nothing else but locks that are installed on the surface of the door. You can use such a lock on both single and double doors as you need according to the type of entrance you have. You will notice that the locking mechanism is a bit different than a regular lock however. There will be a bolt installed into the header and another bolt installed at the bottom of the door. As you open the handle, you will open or close those bolts in order to get in or out of your house.

We chose this cremone bolt because it is made by one of the best manufacturers in thre industry, Baldwin Hardware. Besides its high-quality, you can find this product in a variety of styles and colors to fir the design of your door. Installing it shouldn’t be complicated at all as long as you follow the instruction of the product. You might need some basic tools in order to get the job done but you can do it yourself with no hassle.

Multipoint lock

The multipoint locks will secure your French door in multiple positions. It also comes with rods that get into the header as well as the bottom of the door or the floor. The concept of multipoint lock is similar to the way a cremone bolt works. The most common multipoint locks will also lock in the middle of the door. However, you will also find these systems that lock in five different points instead of three.

If you want to add some of these systems in your French door, you will have to cut it out beforehand. If you are not an expert in the matter, you might want to hire  a professional to do it.  If the door is not cut out the right way, chances are that your lock will not fit.

This system to secure French doors should definitely be set in place by a specialist so you know that you can rely on it.

The straight handle lock

One of the most convenient and easy to install locks are the straight handle locks. It requires both of your doors to have a straight handle but installing this system is fairly hassle-free.

All you will have to do is slip the lock system around the straight handle of each door and make sure it locks both of these handles together. Once your system is in place no one will be able to rotate the handles or open the doors by forcing them. Even if the cylinder of the lock gets bumped, the handles will still remain in place, keeping all the unwanted visitors out of your property.

A bonus advantage of this system is that it will keep both your doors together safely. It will not require advanced modifications in order to install it and the product comes with clear instructions as well.

Our recommendation

All the methods in this guide will help you secure your French door efficiently and with no struggle. They are all made with the goal of keeping thieves and criminals out of your home so you can feel safer with your family.

If we had to make a final recommendation for those of you who need to invest in French door security we would suggest the single sided deadbolts. Add these bolts both on top and bottom of your door and reinforce the entire system with a sturdy window film. If you want to make sure no one has a chance of breaking into your home you can use the jamb armor kit as well. No intruder will find it easy to break into your house with such reinforcements. Some people go for French doors security bars as well and this can definitely be a plus. But with the systems we mentioned, you might not need the extra hassle as your home will be very secure.

What are French doors and why are they called French doors

French doors are well known for their unique design. They come in pairs of two doors that have window panels in the middle and a wood or metal frame. The window panels will have different designs and resistance levels according to the model of French door you invest in.

The edges of French doors look like the edges of any other traditional door, with hinges, different weatherstripping systems and locks. You can mount French doors inside your home or as your entrance doors.

Because a French door entrance comes in two doors, you will most likely use only one door to get in and out of your house. However, you should be able to open them both if you need to get wider objects inside or outside your home or simply just to allow more air to circulate.

A great feature of French doors is that they let a lot of natural light inside your home. They look very modern and cozy as well, which is why many people choose to invest in these types of doors.

As you probably guessed, the French doors got their names from France. But even if the design of these doors was born in France, it bloomed through Italy thanks to the Renaissance era. Italy and France both added their influence to the different designs of these doors since 1500s. And nowadays these doors are loved all over the world.


French doors can be very stylish and compliment the way your home looks significantly. But unless you make sure your door is safe, you will not be able to rely on it. So, investing in a reinforcement security system for your French doors will be a wise thing to do so you keep your family safe at all times. Use the methods and products in this guide and you will not have to worry about intruders ever again as your French door will be unbreakable.


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